Eternally curious about the world and his place within it, filmmaker/photographer Frank Sanna explores his father’s rustic Sardinian past, as well as his own 1st generation Canadian experience, seeking to distil a meaningful heritage to share with his young son Léo. Filmed in Sardinia Italy, Southern Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, GO AHEAD TURN presents us with the geography, language, memory and mythology of three generations as a playful, critical, and poetic vision of the human need to make and belong.


I began this documentary project thinking about identity, roots, and “progress” especially considering the radically different environment that my father grew up in. Fascinated by the culture of making and the making of culture, I have also been thinking about how these reflections might one day be of value to my son.

I’m a first-generation Canadian, born and raised in Thorold, Ontario. My parents emigrated from the village of Illorai on the island of Sardinia in 1959 and have lived in Thorold ever since, raising a family of five children (my sister, three brothers, and myself). I have been living and working in Montreal for the past 26 years and my son (now eight) was born here in 2008.

It’s said that you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. With this film, I want to explore foundations; how identity wants to be built upon a fixed past, but is also a necessarily dynamic work in progress.  Through nostalgia, family, and world, I’ll make an authentic spaghettimentary al dente of personal truth. Firm to the tooth, but also a flexible and open, perhaps even “real” perspective of human fragility and productivity.

This is an exciting prospect – for the artistic freedom it gives me, and for the heartfelt feeling I hope it inspires in you.

GammaFilm is the trademark and production entity of Montreal based
director-producer Frank Sanna 
who is committed
to exploring our collective humanity
through visionary images and storytelling

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